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Ionising radiation shielding: Principles and Practice in Healthcare

As experts in radiation shielding we offer architects the opportunity to enrol on our free CPD seminar. This seminar has been specifically designed for architects who wish to understand the key factors that influence the design of healthcare environments which require radiation shielding.

The module covers the following key areas:

1. Basic radiation physics: The types of ionising radiation and the impact on tissue and DNA together with possible long term effects on healthcare professionals through insufficient protection.

2. The regulatory environment: Ionising Radiations Regulations 1999 (IRS 99), introduction to the regulations and the role of the Radiation Protection Advisor (RPA).

3. Shielding design: Material considerations in shielding design development including density, workability, costs and space availability. We will also take you through product options from lead sheet and lead brock to concrete block and gypsum wall board.

4. Practical examples: Real design examples of rooms requiring radiation shielding from breast screening facilities and dental CBCT to PET-CT and Linac bunkers.

Further details

The seminar, which runs for approximately 45 minutes, can be conducted within your own practice or at our manufacturing plant near Burton-on-Trent in the East Midlands. There is also an opportunity to combine the seminar at our plant with a tour of our facilities enabling you to witness the lead manufacturing process first-hand.

If you are interested in enrolling on our CPD seminar or would simply like more information, please fill out the enquiry form below: