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Lead lined plasterboard, battens and fillets

Complete radiation protection safety in any environment

Providing complete protection against x-rays for staff and patients, our lead lined plasterboard products are used extensively in hospitals, dental surgeries and veterinary practices where x-ray radiation protection is essential to safeguard staff and patients.

Why use lead?

Thanks to its high density, a relatively thin layer of lead offers consistent, reliable and proven protection to radiation. Its low bulk and pliability makes it an ideal material for incorporation into building materials to create items such as lead lined plasterboard, battens and fillets.

When fitted, the lead is completely hidden from view; securely bonded to high quality plasterboard, plywood or MDF. This gives the benefit of complete x-ray protection whilst the finished piece is aesthetically like any other high quality room-lining material.  Along with other radiation protection products in our range, you can be completely rest assured that you have protected staff and patients safely.

Lead lined plasterboard, battens and fillets

All the lead sheet used in our boards is custom manufactured by ourselves. Our machine cast lead (approved by the British Board of Agrément) carries the CE mark (BS EN 14783) confirming its suitability for use as an internal lining material.

Our Products

We manufacture the widest range of lead-lined boards in the UK. You can choose to line the board with our machine cast lead sheet in standard codes 1-8 (0.45 mm to 3.55 mm) or any thickness in-between. Our standard board size is 2.4m x 600 mm but we can accommodate bespoke sizes in plasterboard, plywood and MDF.

The thickness you require will depend on the application and your particular clinical situation. See our handy infographic for details of recommended thickness but remember to always consult a radiation protection advisor before placing your order. We can signpost you to independent advisors should you wish or undertake this on your behalf.

Backing board Thickness Sizes Additional Sizes
Plasterboard 12.5 mm (standard thickness) 9 mm, 15 mm (range) 2.4m x 600 mm (standard size)
  • Other non-standard sizes and widths can be supplied
  • Plasterboard can be supplied in any specific brand to meet job specification
  • Plasterboard can also be supplied as moisture resistant, impact resistant and sound resistant product
3.0m and 2.7m (range)
Plywood 3.5 mm, 5.5 mm, 9 mm, 12 mm, 15 mm, 18 mm, 25 mm (range) 2.4m x 600 mm (standard size)
  • Other non-standard sizes and widths can be supplied
  • Plywood boards are recommended when code 7 (3.15 mm) lead sheet or above is required for radiation protection
  • Plywood boards can also be supplied in a (single or double) “sandwich“
3.0m (range)
MDF 3.5 mm, 6 mm, 9 mm, 12 mm, 18 mm, 25 mm, 32 mm (range) 2.4m x 600 mm (standard size)
  • Other non-standard sizes and widths can be supplied

To maintain end-to-end quality control (ISO 9001 accredited quality system) we custom-build all our lead-lined boards at our own workshop. Here is an outline of the process:

  • We cut the machine cast lead to precise size
  • A specially developed bonding agent is applied to the chosen board material
  • The lead sheet is applied to the board with exactly the right pressure to ensure even adherence
  • The lead is trimmed to be precisely flush with the board.
  • The bonded board is scrupulously quality checked to ensure it meets our rigorous standards and your requirements.

Fitting lead-lined boards

You can choose to use an independent contractor or use our fitting service – it’s entirely up to you. We always recommend that a Radiation Protection Advisor be involved from the start of your project as they can advise on the correct thickness of lead and most appropriate construction method to meet your needs. We can offer provisional advice on both points and have drawn up a general guide for customers in conjunction with a Radiation Protection Advisor.

Our fitting guide for small practices offers advice on how to install plain lead sheet and lead-lined boards and how to fit lead to walls, door frames and around electrical fittings.

You will also need to calculate the actual weight of the bonded panels before applying them to walls or ceilings. This chart will help you:

Lead-lined board weight fitting guide (kgs/m²)
Lead thickness 12.5 mm plasterboard 12 mm hardwood plywood
Code 3 (1.32 mm) 23 kg 32 kg
Code 4 (1.80 mm) 29 kg 37.5 kg
Code 5 (2.24 mm) 34 kg 42.5 kg
Code 6 (2.65 mm) 39 kg 47.5 kg
Code 7 (3.15 mm) 44 kg 52.5 kg
Code 8 (3.55 mm) 49 kg 57 kg

Get an estimate with our Cost Calculator

Lead Battens and Fillets

As appropriate to the construction requirements we can supply high quality lead-lined battens to provide continuous cover at board joints. We are also able to supply patresses (plywood boards used for socket sealing) as required.

Further provision at critical junctions such as internal or external corners can also be made using lead fillets. We supply lead fillets at either 50 mm (for plane joints) or 100 mm for internal and external corners.

Other uses of lead-lined boards

Thanks again to its high density, lead is also an exceptional material for sound-proofing. Lead-lined boards prevent the escape of noise from either internal or external sources so have a wide range of potential applications in media studios, cinemas, leisure, maritime and industrial environments where enhanced acoustic protection is needed.

Quality and experience at every step

We understand that supplying lead-lined boards to hospitals and clinics, dental and veterinary practices carries with it an important responsibility. We take exceptional care to ensure all our lead products meet the highest standard, whatever the situation or daily use. Our products are robust, made for the long term and always competitively priced.

Packaging can be customised so that for large projects the deliveries are palletised by room with each board carrying a full identification label showing the board make up including lead code and its intended location. Further guidance on handling is also included in each shrink-wrapped pallet. The quality of our lead sheet, choice of materials and manufacturing processes have a critical bearing on the safety of others. That’s why we are an accredited supplier with an ISO 9001 quality system you can trust.

We also work closely with Radiation Protection Advisors and construction experts in the healthcare sector to ensure we can give you the necessary technical support including specification advice, access to specialist installers and detailed drawings as required.

How we can help? Give us a call on +44 (0) 1283 224 555 or email us at to tell us about your requirements.