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Adaptable product, adaptable service

Midland Lead works mainly within the construction, healthcare and heritage sectors, but that’s just the start…

Lead is such a versatile product, and it’s used in all sorts of ways. Here are just a few examples of some of the other projects we’re asked to help with:


Lead provides superb sound-proofing. So it’s a must-have in engine rooms on cruise liners and aircraft hangers. Because it’s so malleable, it can even be fitted on doors and around noisy pipes.

One of the most popular applications for lead-sheet and lead-lined boards is in music studios…

Midland Lead supplies thin lead sheet and lead-lined boards to prevent sound coming into the studio from outside, or sound from one studio bleeding into another.

Lead sheet is easy to install for permanent noise restriction. Lead-lined boards also offer portable sound-proofing – useful if you need to sound-proof smaller areas or provide a sound-proof environment on the go.

What are your sound-proofing requirements?

Give us a call on +44 (0) 1283 224 555 and we’ll see how we can help you.

Lead-lined boards_2

Radiation protection

Midland Lead supplies a lot of lead sheets and lead-lined boards to the healthcare sector. But that’s not all…

Lead is an excellent choice for the nuclear industry. It is sufficiently dense to eliminate any danger of radiation seepage – and it will provide supreme protection, even against high levels of radiation. Because it is such a thin, adaptable material, it’s also very easy to use. It can be fixed to walls, ceilings, window frames and almost anywhere else it is needed.

Once it’s been installed it can be relied upon to go on protecting you year after year. We just ask that you consult a radiation protection advisor to confirm the integrity of your installation.

  • Lead does not become porous over time – even when being subjected to high levels of radiation
  • It does not have a limited working lifespan – it can go on being used for scores of years – even then it can be recycled and re-used

Taking care of your radiation protection requirements

Talk to us and find out more about our lead sheet and lead-lined boards for the nuclear industry. We can also put you in touch with a government approved radiation protection advisor (RPA) to help supervise your project.


Lead ballast

It could be in the form of lead ingots, lead shot, or even lead dust, but lead ballast is an essential part of many companies’ inventories.

The high density of lead makes it an excellent material to use as ballast for vessels and counterweights. We can fill boat keels, piling tubes and other weights with molten lead; it’s a great material for block filling purposes too.

Midland Lead can supply lead ballast in any size, shape or form you need. Standard lead ingots start at 25kgs, but we can supply bespoke ballast weighing many tonnes. It’s all made onsite to meet your precise specifications.

What lead ballast do you need?

Give us a call on +44 (0) 1283 224 555 and tell us what you need. We can custom-make lead ballast to your precise requirements.

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