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Midland Lead Lead for Heritage Projects

Preserving the past with Midland Lead heritage projects

Midland Lead works with English Heritage and the National Trust, as well as church authorities, homeowners, architects and planners to ensure that each and every heritage project we’re involved in gets the specialist attention it deserves.

See the range of heritage projects Midland Lead has worked on here.

Sandcast lead for heritage projects

Midland Lead is still the only lead manufacturer in the country to give you a complete range of options: sandcast lead, machine cast lead or rolled lead. But of course, heritage projects naturally lend themselves to traditional sandcast lead.

Our approach to making sandcast lead gives you the best of both worlds.

We make authentic sandcast lead, but we make it in a very professional, modern way. Our sandcast lead workshop has been purpose-built for the task and we use all the benefits of modern technology to ensure that our sandcast lead has just the right lead thickness; that it offers the right tensile quality; and that it gives that wonderfully authentic look.

Midland Lead also offers ancillaries related to the heritage sector, such as building paper, lead motifs and wooden lead tools.


Recycling old lead

In some cases we’re asked to recycle and re-purpose existing lead from the building in question. Recycling lead is a great way to ensure historical continuity, as well as establishing your environmental credentials.

We take the existing lead from the property, we put it back through one of our kettles and we re-mould it for you. We don’t add anything, nor do we take anything away. This way, the building maintains its traditional look and the lead is given a new lease of life.


Making the most of our experience

When you’re working on heritage projects, it helps if your lead provider has a bit of heritage too. So when you work with Midland Lead you get all the benefits of our 30+ years – our adaptability and experience, and our considerable heritage credentials.

Our lead has been used on alms houses, castles, cathedrals and priories; it has helped refurbish the roof at Dover Castle after fire damage, and has helped weatherproof Cardiff Castle.

Your independent manufacturer

You should also know that we are a lead manufacturer and supplier only. We are not a contractor. So we won’t try and sell you any other services.

We just want to produce the lead you need in the quantity and quality you require.

Get a free sample

When you’re looking for authentic sandcast lead, you need to know it has been made to exemplary standards. So why not ask for a sample?

Give us a call on +44 (0) 1283 224 555 and we’ll send you a sandcast lead sample free of charge. That way you’ll be able to judge its quality and suitability for your heritage project.

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