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Product focus: top-selling ancillaries with eye-catching display units

Due to its soft and malleable nature, lead is an exceptionally easy material to work with, demanding very little preparation or after care. That being said, there are some fantastic products available that make the process of working with this traditional metal even easier and enhance the end result.

Our three best-selling lead ancillary products for the roofing professional include patination oil, fixing clips and lead cleaner. Designed to either maintain or restore lead to perfection, all should be, but aren’t always, considered when purchasing lead sheet.

As such, we’re delighted to introduce our newly developed range of counter display units. A real sales-booster, the eye-catching solutions perfectly complement lead sheet sales. With three options to choose from, each comprises one or more of our top ancillary products:

Patination oil unit

This compact, yet attention-grabbing unit holds 12 bottles of 125ml patination oil. The perfect way to treat newly-laid lead, patination oil was developed by the UK lead and building industry to prevent unsightly white staining on the lead work itself, or the surrounding brickwork. And, as patination oil must be applied immediately after installation, it makes perfect sense to offer this product simultaneously with lead sheet.

Fixing clips and patination oil unit

Double up your ancillaries offering with this dual-product display unit, holding 20 packs of fixing clips and 12 bottles of 125ml patination oil. Sitting next to our essential patination oil, our high-tensile fixing clips are designed to save both time and money. ‘V’ shaped for easy insertion, these clips make the job of fixing lead joints into masonry significantly quicker and easier, with the joint fixing lead in place in a matter of seconds.

Cleaning gel and patination oil unit

Another twin display unit, this option features two essential products for any professional roofer wanting to restore old lead back to its former glory; patination oil and cleaning gel, working together to improve the look of old lead quickly and easily. Comprising six 125ml bottles of each, the cleaning gel works to remove dirt, grime and stains on old lead, while the patination oil, a layer of which should be applied straight after cleaning, restores old lead to its natural shine.

If you’d like to enquire about any of our counter display units or learn more about our lead ancillary products, feel free to call us on +44 (0) 1283 224 555 or download our counter display units info sheet.

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