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Product Focus: Lead Cleaning Gel Transforms Stained Lead

Lead cleaning with Midland Leads cleaning gel and patination oil

Whether machine cast, rolled or sandcast, all our lead sheet begins its life with a distinct colouration and appearance; a look that, if properly treated, it will retain for decades. That proper treatment involves a combination of correct installation methods, correct storage conditions, and the use of restorative and protective products – one of which is our easy to use cleaning gel.

Able to bring lead back to its former glory by removing grime and dirt, an application of cleaning gel also has the power to rid any unsightly stains. This includes light white carbonate stains, caused by lead having not been treated with patination oil – a product we advise using after cleaning or installation – and orange oxide stains, often caused by lead sheet being stored in damp conditions on the floor.

Even very old or ground-on stains can be removed when our gel is applied with a nylon brush or fine wire wool, quickly restoring lead to its natural lustre.









Kyle Hazeldine from the Midland Lead sales team explains why customers have been impressed with the results of the cleaning gel: “We often get calls from people who think they their lead roofing may need replacing but when it has been checked out, we have realised the roof just needs cleaning with some of the cleaning gel. Whether the lead simply needs a clean or to have stains removed, the gel can completely transform the look of the building.”

As such, it’s unsurprising to learn that here at Midland Lead, we’re finding more and more merchants are now stocking it in their ancillary range.

Midland Lead cleaning gel is supplied in 1litre non-spill cap bottles – and we now also supply our gel and patination oil in a special packaged counter display.


If you’d like to find out more information, please visit or contact our sales office at +44(0)1283 224 555 or