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Cleaning Gel

If lead is properly treated, it will retain its good looks for decades, meaning that at some point in the life of your lead installation you will need a lead cleaner.  If your lead isn’t properly treated, it can accumulate dirt and stains – meaning it can quickly start to look old and tired.

As with any material, the appearance of lead roofs will fade with time, so Midland Lead’s sheet lead cleaner/restorer is used to clean and restore the finish of milled lead.  Fortunately, our cleaning gel can improve the look of lead quickly, removing dirt, grime and stains easily.  Midland Lead’s cleaning gel is a supplied in 1ml non-spill cap bottles. It’s very easy to use and we always have it in stock to send out immediately.

Using cleaning gel

When cleaning lead, we recommend that you use a nylon brush to apply the gel. Stronger or more ground-on stains might need a little more work, but our gel is wonderfully effective, even on very old stains. You’ll quickly restore its natural lustre, making it look like a newly installed piece of lead.

For more information on how to take care of your lead, read some of the tips we have put together here.