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March – Product of the Month: Flashing clips

Ancillary products: Flashing clips & fixing clips

Flashing clips save professional roofers time

Flashing clips are genius devices invented by roofer Jimmy Hall to secure lead flashing into open masonry joints.

The traditional method is to cut a strip of scrap lead, roll it and wedge it in between the flashing gap. This is time consuming and takes a certain amount of guesswork, which only comes with years of roofing experience.

As any roofing professional will know, time is of the essence in roofing projects. As such, flashing clips are a welcome solution to quickly securing lead flashing, as opposed to the slow traditional method.

Readymade into v-shapes, flashing clips are efficient, easy to use and provide a perfect fit every time.

The clips can be applied up to 20 times faster than making standard lead wedges, saving both time and costs.

Aside from their time saving benefits and accurate results, flashing clips also help to give a great finishing touch aesthetically.

A larger variant of the popular fixing clips, flashing clips will secure any flashing chase from 16-22mm, while fixing clips cover a smaller space of 6-18mm. It’s recommended roofers use a minimum of one clip per step or per ½ linear metre, but this may vary depending on particular jobs.

A simple yet genius product, flashing clips are available in bags of 25 and are an essential purchase for all roofing professionals who don’t have the time to hand make lead wedges, but still want a long lasting and beautiful finish.

Midland Lead recommends that those using flashing clips also purchase lead sealant, as this should be used to point the flashing and give it a professional finish after the clips have been installed. Lead sealant is available in 310ml tubes.

For more information on both our lead sealant or our flashing clips, see our ancillary product page, or give our sales office a call: +44 (0)1283 224 555