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Midland Lead: Construction Tips and How to Clean Lead

Lead products for the construction industry

We supply a lot of lead sheet to the construction industry. We now have well over 600,000 tonnes in use on buildings throughout the world, including Brighton Royal Pavilion, Cardiff Castle, Dover Castle, Ely Cathedral and the Sidra Medical and Research Centre in Qatar.

But our product range is much larger than lead sheet alone…

We have been working with builders’ merchants, roofing contractors, project managers, architects and specifiers for over 30 years. And as we’ve grown, we’ve expanded our product offerings to fit our clients’ requirements.

Choose from our complete range of lead products for your – or your client’s – project:

Machine cast lead

Machine cast lead is our most popular product. We have been making it here in the East Midlands for over thirty years. And we make it to exacting specifications:

Machine cast lead codes and sizes

Our machine cast lead is available in thickness codes 1 (0.45mm) – 8 (3.55mm). Take a look at our weight chart for more information.

The commonest lengths we supply for machine cast lead are 3m and 6m, with requests for widths ranging from 150mm – 450mm. But you can talk to us about your specific requirements. On codes 3 and 4 we can offer lengths up to 12m and widths from 150mm right up to 1400mm.

Rolled lead

Also known as milled lead, it is made by rolling a solid slab of lead between closing rollers on a rolling mill. Our rolled lead sheet is made to BS EN 12588 specification and carries a CE mark conform to BS EN 14783:2006.

Rolled lead is available in code 3 (1.32mm) – code 8 (3.55mm). And if you need something a bit thicker, let us know. We can produce rolled lead sheet up to 9.00mm thick on request.

Sandcast lead

Sandcast lead is the perfect choice for our heritage sector customers. The production process combines traditional know-how with the latest techniques.

Sandcast lead is available in codes 6 – 8 (2.65mm – 3.55mm). We can also produce code 9 sandcast lead on request.

Most requests for sandcast lead specify a length of 3.0m or shorter (although we can produce lengths up to 6.0m, and a usable width of 1200mm – to fit the size of the roof bay.


Midland Lead gives you a wide range of ancillary products that will enable you to use our lead to its best advantage, or help you use our lead products correctly. And if you want to add the right finishing touches, we provide patination oil, cleaning gels and decorative finishes.

We can cope with any requirement for any lead product

Let us know if you’re getting ready to get started on a new project. Contact us or call us on <insert number> and we’ll talk through your requirements in more detail.

Why is lead still the material of choice in the construction trade?

Let’s find out why lead remains so enduringly popular…

  • Weather-proof – Lead is an impervious barrier. Nothing can get through.
  • Hardwearing – Lead roofs last and last. If lead is properly treated and correctly installed, the BBA states that our machine cast lead has an ultimate life in excess of 60 years. Our rolled lead has a 50-year guarantee.
  • Easy-to-use – You can fit lead in all weather – unlike when working with other weatherproofing materials you don’t need stop your lead roofing job on hold on cold days, wet or hot days.
  • Versatility – Lead is the ultimate malleable metal, so you can shape it as required, and even bend it around pipes.
  • Continuity – Lead has been used on roofs for centuries – and because it hasn’t been overtaken by better newer products, we can still use it and retain the traditional look of older buildings
  • Modernity – Although it’s associated with traditional buildings, lead is prized for its elegance and style in a contemporary setting too. Just take a look at the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome.
  • Environmental credentials – Nothing beats lead. It is a 100% recyclable material. And, at Midland Lead we only produce using 100% recycled lead.

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