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Lead windows

Safety with clarity

Offering radiation protection, our custom-made lead glass observation windows provide superior visual clarity whilst meeting the highest safety standards to protect your staff and patients.

Manufactured in accordance to NHS HBN6 requirements and meeting hygiene demands, our lead observation window range is designed to meet the most demanding healthcare, dentistry, veterinary and industrial needs.

Lead glass observation windows (containing up to 65% lead oxide) provide radiation protection at a fraction of the thickness of lead acrylic or plate glass. As a comparison, normal glass world need to be over 180 mm thick to afford the same protection as a lead glass window of 8 mm thickness (1.6 mm lead equivalent at 150kV) whilst a lead acrylic / plastic would need to 38 mm thick to offer the same protection, significantly reducing observation quality.

Midland Lead Lead Glass Observation Windows

A complete solution

Working with our radiation protection advisors, we provide turnkey solutions to meet your needs. Our goal is to efficiently and accurately evaluate the particular safety requirements of your practice, diagnostic or therapeutic environment, advise on the required materials and deliver an end-to-end manufacture and fitting service – all supported with excellent customer service and competitive pricing throughout.

As well as meeting regulatory and technical requirements, our service includes the integration of the observation window into a radiation protection frame and as required, the fitting of the completed piece into any new or existing clinical setting.

Features and benefits

  • All our lead windows are fully compliant with industry safety standards.
  • Manufacturing process under ISO 9001 accredited quality system.
  • Every product is assembled prior to delivery to ensure ease of installation and save fitting costs.
  • All frames are made to precise structural opening sizes, made from robust hardwood with a hidden lead core and deliver radiological protection to RPA specifications
  • Frames are available in a range of primer, lacquer and PVC finishes to meet the most demanding environments

Glazing, finishes and customisation

  • Impact / scratch resistant
  • Sound insulation
  • Privacy films
  • Polarizing layer – to provide complete privacy in connected patient areas
  • LCD Glass – with no moving parts and switch activated, the glass can be made completely opaque on demand
  • Double glazed units for fire protection – lead glass is not inherently fire resistant to UK standards so needs additional glazing to meet FR30 & FR60 requirements

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