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Lead bricks, chevron bricks and chevron rails

Assured safety in specialist facilities

Lead bricks offer assured safety where higher levels of radiation protection are required.

Some examples of where our lead bricks have been used include gamma knife radiosurgery units, high dose radiation (HDR) and multi-modality rooms. In these environments, achieving the appropriate level of radiation protection requires lead more than 10 mm thick – making them the most appropriate and practical material for a robust shielding system.

We supply lead bricks in a range of standard sizes and also offer the flexibility of bespoke sizes to meet any customer’s specific needs. For safety and ease of on-site construction, they are typically kept to a manageable weight of 5 kg but in some cases can weigh up to 26 kg, depending on the project requirements.

Midland Lead lead bricks, chevron bricks and chevron rails

Importantly, all the lead bricks that we supply meet BS 4513 standards for use in lead shielding and BS 3909 standards for ingot lead for radiation shielding.

Lead chevron bricks

Also known as chevron blocks or interlocking bricks, these are designed with interlocking v-shaped edges so eliminating the possibility of leakages at corners, edges or curves.

This interlocking feature also enables a highly versatile and flexible construction system, allowing us to build complete wall / ceiling projects to almost any size, shape and thickness. By building in several layers, lead chevron bricks allow constructions of over 50 mm thick to meet the most demanding radiation safety requirements. Manufactured to ISO 7212:1986 or ISO 9401-1:1991 dependent on thickness.

As required, complete bunkers can be built for use in linear accelerator treatment facilities, proton beam therapy units, PET/CT facilities and brachytherapy suites.

Lead chevron rails

Adding further construction flexibility, extruded lead chevron rails can be fixed to existing brick or block walls, or used to create a free-standing shield structure 15 mm to 50 mm thick. As with our other products in this range, the rails interlock tightly together to prevent leakage and work seamlessly with lead or lead chevron bricks.

Industry leading skill and solutions

From project inception to successful completion, we offer complete one-stop-shop solutions from preliminary advice through to safety evaluation, planning, manufacture and on-site fitting support. All our lead brick products meet BS, EN or ISO standards and our quality system is ISO 9001 approved. Moreover, we have worked with many satisfied customers and bring considerable experience to any project.

Alternatively, if you simply require the supply of lead products you will find our friendly and efficient customer service sets us apart.
We also work closely with radiation protection advisors and would always recommend their involvement at an early stage to determine radiation safety requirements and the most appropriate and economical construction solution.

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