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Midland Lead celebrates lead’s green credentials on #WGRD2020

World Green Roof Day is a celebration of green roofs all over the world and the many benefits they bring to people and nature. At Midland Lead we love seeing those traditional grass-covered roofs in the Nordic countryside or the wildflower rooftops on modern, high-rise buildings in our cities. The way these buildings add value to the people and animals living near, are worth a little party on the 6th of June – #WGRD2020.

While we’re celebrating these special green roofs, we would like to remind you of the many green credentials of lead roofing and – last but not least – we are very proud to announce our cast lead sheet now has an Environmental Product Declaration!

Contrary to what some of the alternative-lead manufacturers (often plastic-based) would like you to believe, real lead has some amazing green credentials as a construction material. Here, we’ve just summarized five of them:

1. Lead is the most recycled common metal in the world

2. Lead has higher recycling rates than newspaper or glass

3. 95% of lead used in the construction industry in Europe is collected and recycled

4. Lead can be recycled indefinitely without any reduction in quality

5. Lead sheet is one of the most durable roofing products, with a 50 – 60-year guarantee

Apart from the fact that all lead used by Midland Lead to manufacture our roofing lead is 100% recycled, sustainable production is at the core of our business operations.

We are committed to working on new ways to minimise the negative environmental impact through continuously improving production operations. This includes conserving energy, looking at every aspect of manufacturing processes and reducing waste. Midland Lead is very proud of the fact that we use and reuse every bit of lead that comes onto site.

With this in mind, a year ago, we started a procedure to obtain a product specific Environment Product Declaration (EPD) for our BBA-approved cast lead sheet. In short, an EPD is a document that contains lifecycle data on a particular product, providing a transparent overview of its lifetime impact on the environment. This Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) can take into account everything from the initial extraction of raw materials and the manufacturing process, to distribution, the product’s use and its end-of-life value, such as considering whether it can be easily recycled or reused.

At the end of March 2020 – in the midst of the pandemic – Midland Lead received the fantastic news that our cast lead has been included in the EPD Verification Scheme.

Lynn Street, sales & marketing manager: “We are very pleased with the news that we now have a product-specific EPD as the first lead sheet manufacturer in the UK. Our cast lead sheet EPD 000274 adds great value to our customers, specifiers and architects who are looking to make a conscious decision about the products used in their buildings. Alongside our ISO-certifications, we hope this EPD will help us promote a new environmental way of thinking within the roofing industry.”

Boudewijn Tuinenburg, managing director at Midland Lead, adds: “This EPD for our cast lead sheet is another recognition that lead is a sustainable roofing material, with properties well-suited to circular economic use and capable of being reused and indefinitely recycled without loss of quality. It will help contractors, as well as architects and specifiers to try and minimise the environmental impact of a building and consider the sustainability of the materials required for its construction.”