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We have developed a range of ancillary products to use with lead. Have you tried our underlay?

Midland Lead offers a range of ancillary products, developed to use lead to its best advantage, to assure the correct working method or to give the lead work an even better appearance. Below, we will give details on how to best use lead underlay (multi-lay).

When to use

Lead underlay can be used for a variety of reasons. Firstly, Midland Lead’s underlay improves ventilation considerably, because it allows a free flow of air between the lead sheet and the decking. Underlay also helps to iron out roof imperfections caused by erosion of metal nail heads or concrete surfaces. In addition, underlay can be used to isolate the lead from the roof deck, preventing condensation and enabling any trapped moisture to dry out.

How to apply

Unwrap the roll underlay, but save the packaging to keep anything left from the roll clean and dry for the next job. Lay the felt with the fall of the roof either butt or lap joints. Ensure that the felt does not lap into the gutter or valley before fixing. Fix the felt with staples or broad headed nails.Technical description

For an overview of the entire range of ancillaries, go to: