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Use our lead sealant to make brickwork joints

Midland Lead offers a range of ancillary products, developed to use lead to its best advantage, to assure the correct working method or to give the lead work an even better appearance. Below, we will give details on how to best use lead sealant (multi-point).

When to use

Lead sealant is best used as an alternative to traditional mortar joints in lead and brickwork. The use of lead sealant will ensure a neat, flexible and watertight joint brickwork and lead flashings. In addition, our lead sealant provides a permanent, quicker and easier solution than mortar.

How to apply

Remove the mortar to a depth of 25mm. Then ensure that the joint is dry and free from dust. Subsequently, turn the lead into the brickwork and fix it with lead wedges or hall clips. Finally, pump the lead sealant into the joint and tool off within five minutes to the desired finish, using a damp pointing iron.

Technical description