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Try our lead sheet and add Point Of Sales to your order

Midland Lead’s Premium Cast Lead sheet is made to BBA quality approval (BBA 86/1764) and is the ideal material to use for flashings and weatherproofing. Here’s four reasons why our lead is best:

1. Lead’s value for money

Lead sheet has been used in building applications since Roman times and has a proven track record as a very durable weather proofer – unlike some of the modern oil-based alternatives. Moreover, our Premium Cast Lead sheet has a 60 year guarantee and a life-expectancy of well beyond 100 years.

2. Lead is a sustainable weather proofer

Besides lead sheet’s longevity, its recyclability makes it a very sustainable building material. What’s more, Midland Lead Premium Cast Lead is manufactured with the use of recycled lead only.

3. Lead is fit for purpose

So, lead’s value for money and sustainable, but most of all, it’s fit for purpose. Lead is highly-resistant to corrosion and fully malleable, which makes it easy to use and ideal as a weatherproofing material. Also, because lead is heavy, it doesn’t run the risk of lifting in high winds – unlike its non-lead alternatives.

4. Lead has got the looks

The use of a traditional building material such as lead, adds to the appearance of a building. Especially when the lead sheet has been finished with a layer of patination oil, which ensures a lasting attractive grey shine to the lead work.

What’s more if you try our Premium Cast Lead now, you can add a Point of Sales item to help you sell it! Go to our Point of Sales download, pick your favourite POS item and mention that item with its code, when you place your next order.