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Tim Fuge Leadwork Utilises Midland Lead’s Diverse Product Range

Tim Fuge Leadwork

At Midland Lead, we pride ourselves on being the only UK lead manufacturer to offer all three lead sheet types.

Offering our customers machine cast lead, sandcast lead and rolled lead, as well as a wide range of lead ancillaries, it was in fact this diverse product choice that initially drew Tim Fuge Leadwork to order from us.

An award-winning lead specialist based in Cornwall, Tim Fuge is one of the region’s leading leadwork specialists with over 13 years’ experience and a reputation of outstanding craftsmanship.

Providing a range of services including both traditional and contemporary leadwork solutions, Tim frequently finds himself in need of many different types of lead for various projects.

Speaking of his work with us, Tim said: “I do have to carry out work requiring different codes and types of lead, so it’s great to know I can get everything I need from Midland Lead. I like to buy from them in bulk as it works out to be incredibly cost-effective. I often use their lead for the parts of a project that need to be of a particularly high quality and durable, such as work in highly exposed coastal regions – of which there are many in Cornwall!”

A complete natural with leadwork, Tim often employs multiple skills as well as multiple products on a job. In fact, he can turn his hand to both decorative and roofing jobs with great skill, has won many projects on word of mouth alone and even received 2016’s Young Leadworker of the Year Award at the National Roofing Awards.

In chatting to us, Tim highlighted a recent project that required him to call on many of his skills; an extension to a house in Cawsand, Cornwall that was built in 1789.

Discussing the project details, he said: “The house owner wanted to use lead for the project as it would fit with the traditional look of the house and would last a lifetime.”

The new extension was built beneath an original water outlet, which created a water path through the middle of the roof and ran off the end. To overcome this, as part of Tim’s overall roof design, he created a custom-built hopper, which not only helps siphon off the outlet of water, but is also aesthetically pleasing.

“I wanted the hopper to look in keeping with the house, particularly as the extension was situated in a beautiful old courtyard. To help achieve this I added the date the house was built, 1789, onto the design,” he added.

Tim concluded: “While the roof extension in Cawsand isn’t classed as a heritage or conservation project, the house was traditional in style which in my opinion, made lead the perfect product to use. It matched the old aesthetic of the house and will last for years to come.”

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