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Radiation Protection Advisors (RPAs)

Common goals

We see our relationship with RPAs as entirely collaborative, where our mutual interests are best served when working closely together.

Our recommendation to any client considering a new build or redevelopment project is for a RPAs to be commissioned at the earliest opportunity. Our view is that an RPA’s skills and advice are essential not only in consideration of protection measures but also for guidance on shielding materials, construction techniques, safety management processes and much more.

Myth busting – cast lead vs sheet lead

There has been some confusion over recent years about the suitability of cast versus rolled (or milled) lead for radiation protection purposes. ‘Radiation Shielding for Diagnostic Radiology’, a publication which RPAs will undoubtedly be familiar with, unfortunately created some doubt as to the quality of cast lead compared to milled or rolled sheet lead.

The recommendation was based on the fact that cast lead does not carry the BS EN 12588:2006 accreditation – a technical point as this standard is only applies to rolled lead.  The British Institute of Radiology (BIR) has now issued a statement rectifying this oversight, confirming the suitability of cast lead products which carry the BBA (British Board of Agrément) certification for use within radiation shielding.

“We accept that BBA certification of product specification and quality assessment may be used as an alternative to the BS EN standard to provide sufficient evidence that the thickness specification has been achieved.”  BIR 21st August 2015

Prior to the BIR issuing this statement we commissioned an independent study undertaken by RPA Niall Higbee (MD and principle RPA of RPA Plus). Our question was to determine if cast lead met British standards and offered the same x-ray attenuation characteristics as rolled lead. The results were a unanimous yes.

As part of our continuing quality improvement planning, on-going tests to BS EN 61331-1 2002 – protective devices against diagnostic medical radiation – are currently being carried out by RPS in their London laboratories.

Experience and service

From interventional radiology facilities, CT and X-ray rooms to protective aprons, we have wide experience of working with hospitals, clinics and small practices.

Our services:

  • Co-ordination with radiation protection advisors
  • Product specification and bespoke design
  • Manufacturing and site delivery
  • Co-ordination of architects and builders
  • Installation services

Naturally, we provide guarantee that any product we supply meets clinical compliance standards for its intended use.

Safety and quality

Our quality management process is ISO 9001 accredited and we work to the guidance in the National Health Service Estates office HBN6 document “Facilities for Diagnostic Imaging and Interventional Radiology”. In addition, all the lead sheet in our lead-lined products is manufactured by ourselves with our machine cast lead (approved by the British Board of Agrément) carrying CE mark BS EN 14783 confirming its use as an internal lining material.

Supporting RPA business

RPAs, Midland Lead and our customers all share a common objective – the protection of staff and patients from the hazards associated with ionising radiation whilst working together to create excellent working environments.

We also recognise that our respective businesses can, and should be, mutually supportive, with cross-referral supporting the interests of customers and the health of our respective businesses. Our goal is to form long term partnerships with RPAs where we can recommend them directly to clients and vice versa.

If you are a RPA, please contact us to explore how we can work together or simply sign up to our online RPA directory.

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