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Find A Radiation Protection Advisor (RPA)

Find a radiation protection advisor near you with Midland Lead

Radiation Protection Advisor – A collaborative partnership

A Radiation Protection Advisor, or an RPA, Midland Lead and our customers all share the common goal of providing excellent working environments whilst also protecting staff and patients from the potential dangers of ionising radiation.

Our recommendation to clients is that RPAs be involved at the inception of any project. Their skills are key to ensuring that the appropriate materials and construction techniques are used for the specific requirements of any given therapeutic, diagnostic or industrial environment.

The role of an RPA

RPAs have a statutory role prescribed in the Ionising Radiations Regulations (1999), in assessing radiation risks and advising on appropriate measures to protect staff and patients. For any given project, their specialist skills make a fundamental contribution to the design of protective radiation shielding and feed directly into the choices of materials and construction methods.

In addition, RPAs are experts in the Ionising Radiations Regulations (1999) and can advise on the measures that an organisation must put in place to ensure it is legally compliant.

Almost without exception, organisations are required to retain the services of RPA for the purposes of ongoing consultation. They can be an employee but more commonly external consultants are appointed to this important role.

The typical scope of the RPA role includes providing expert guidance on:

  • Installation of radiation sources being introduced into service
  • Plans for new installations and acceptance into service of new / modified sources of ionising radiation
  • Safety and procedural requirements for controlled and supervised areas
  • Physical control measures and systems of work
  • Radiation safety management processes and systems
  • Personal dosimetry and the designation / monitoring of staff
  • Risk evaluations, control measures, and contingency arrangements
  • Radiation protection training
  • Applications for Environmental Agency Permits
  • Support in the event of emergencies and incidents

Customer support – find an RPA

We can provide access to a qualified RPA who can provide the regulatory and practical information you need for your project. Please give us a call and we’ll be happy to put you in touch with one in your area.

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