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Q & A with Warren Goodall, Business Development Manager, Midland Lead Healthcare

Ionising Radiation Shielding with Warren Goodall, Business Development Manager, Midland Lead Healthcare

In this issue we answer some of the frequently asked questions when fitting lead-lined doors…

1. Why do I need to fit a lead-lined door set rather than just the door leaf itself?

During treatment, photons from ionizing radiation will scatter throughout the room and attempt to penetrate unprotected surfaces.  If the frame around lead-lined doors is not shielded, this will provide a route for ionizing radiation to leak into unprotected areas.  This not only increases the risk to patients and employees but the facility will not pass inspection by the Radiation Protection Advisor (RPA) until the problem has been rectified.  This is an expensive and time consuming process so make sure you always fit a shielded door set.

2. Is it common practice to have 10mm gap at the bottom of the doors in healthcare environments? If so, is there a risk of exposure to ionising radiation?

A 10mm gap at the bottom of doors is usually acceptable within most healthcare environments.  However, the Radiation Protection Advisor will carry out calculations to ensure there is no risk of exposure to ionizing radiation.  This calculation will take into account the source power, the location within the room, the geometry of the room and the levels of occupancy of adjacent spaces.  Depending on these calculations in some circumstances it may be necessary to reduce the gap.

3. What happens if there is a requirement for a fire door in addition to the lead shielding?

Door sets can be constructed with 30-minute fire rated fire blanks, this includes fire intumescent strips fitted to the door set. Door sets with up to 60-minute fire rating are also available. If vision panels are needed in the door sets, which also require fire protection, then this can also be achieved.

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