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Q & A: “What are the best health and safety practices when working with lead?”

What are the best health and safety practices when working with lead?

Each month we answer your product and industry questions. This month you asked:

“What are the best health and safety practices when working with lead?”

Much like many building materials in the construction industry, there are standard best practices that must be adhered to in order to remain healthy and safe when working with lead.

If best practice is not followed, and the level of lead in your body gets too high, it can lead to nausea, stomach pains, anaemia and loss of weight, while continued uncontrolled exposure could cause more serious symptoms.

Thankfully instances like this have become a thing of the past. Since the introduction of the first edition of the Control of Lead at Work Regulations in 1980, exposure to lead has become very much controlled.

Today, the industry works from the Third Edition of these regulations. Published in 2002, it outlines very prescriptive regulations and sets out control measures employers must put in place to protect employees who are exposed to lead. As part of this, employers are required to carry out risk assessments measuring the significance of the exposure of lead to their workforce.

Regardless of a worker’s level of exposure to lead, if best practices are followed, there is no risk to health whatsoever.

Diane Rainsford, Midland Lead’s risk and performance manager, provides her essential health and safety best practices when working with lead:

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