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Q & A: ‘What thickness of lead do I need for my project?’

Midland Lead and Lead Code Thickness

Each month we answer your product and industry questions. This month you asked:

“What thickness of lead do I need for my project?”

Lead is a long-life building material with the adaptability to suit many different types of structures and applications. Used on everything from the roofs of heritage builds, through to x-ray installations in hospitals, Midland Lead’s BBA-accredited machine cast lead has a 60 year guarantee and a life-expectancy of well beyond 100 years.

However, to ensure this longevity, it’s vital that the correct lead thickness – indicated by codes – is chosen for your project. Using an incorrect thickness can result in performance failure, causing damage to the building.

The choice of lead code depends entirely on the type of project you have planned and on where the lead is being used. Typically, the construction industry requires codes 4 and 5, while requirements in the UK healthcare sector vary, from code 3 for dental/veterinary use, to codes 4 and 6 for general hospital use.

Midland Lead’s machine cast lead sheet is available in codes 1-8 (code 1: 0.44mm, code 2: 0.88mm, code 3: 1.32mm, code 4: 1.80mm, code 5, 2.24mm, code 6, 2.65mm, code 7: 3.15mm and code 8: 3.55mm) and any thickness in between, while rolled lead is available in codes 3-8, and sandcast lead in codes 6-8.

Here’s our round-up of which codes are suitable for which construction applications:

Layout 1

Alongside construction projects, Midland Lead also supplies other markets such as acoustics and healthcare. With healthcare applications, always consult a radiation protection advisor for the precise specifications to meet your requirements.

If you have any queries or need advice on which lead code you require for your project, please don’t hesitate to get in touch on +44(0)1283 224 555.