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Sandcast lead

Sandcast Lead

Authentic sandcast lead – the perfect finishing touch for heritage projects

Midland Lead combine traditional methods with a contemporary approach to make sandcast lead. It is a traditional product made with all the benefits of technical innovation and made with supreme care and craftsmanship. That makes it the perfect choice for projects where authenticity really matters.

We have supplied this product for a range of heritage projects, including the re-roofing of St John the Baptist Cathedral in Norwich, as well as the extensive roof repair of Grade II listed property, Bridge Buildings, in the market town of Barnstaple.

Read all about our heritage and restoration project case studies here.

Traditional sandcast lead for any project

Traditional techniques ensure our sandcast lead meets your requirements of appearance and authenticity.

Sandcast lead looks different. Its fine, mottled surface makes it the perfect material for church roofs and heritage projects. It will appear perfectly in-keeping with the traditional appearance and the age of the property.

Tradition and science go together to make perfect sandcast lead

A little application of science ensures that every single batch; every sheet of our sandcast lead meets precise requirements.

We carefully weigh and measure every new batch to ensure it doesn’t just look perfect. It is perfect. In every way.

The only UK sandcast lead manufacturer that is not a contractor

Having worked long and hard to perfect our sandcast lead production process, we can now offer our sandcast lead in codes 6-8, and sizes to suit. Typically customers require lengths of 3.0m or less, with a usable width of (maximum) 1200mm cut to the roof bay size.

Midland Lead remains the one and only UK manufacturer of sandcast lead that is not also operating as a contractor alongside. Giving you the benefit of competitive priced sandcast lead.

Our production methods are efficient and eliminate unnecessary waste. So we can work with you to ensure your heritage project – or your client’s heritage project gets the perfect finish – the authentic sandcast lead finish.

How we make sandcast lead

Sandcast lead is made in small, bespoke batches to meet your precise requirements of thickness and volume.

The lead is made on a bed of sand with a meticulously smooth, even surface. Before the molten lead can be poured onto the bed, it has to reach just the right temperature – a degree or two under or over and the process just won’t work.

When it’s ready, the lead is poured down onto the sand bed and carefully smoothed out as it runs along the length of the bed. Our experts have to move quickly. The lead begins to harden almost as soon as it leaves the kettle.

Your heritage, our heritage

Midland Lead works directly and indirectly with architects, planners and conservationists to help protect our beautiful old buildings with a hard-wearing, traditional sandcast lead finish.

Over the years, we have produced over 600,000 tonnes of lead for the construction industry – including high profile heritage projects like Cardiff Castle and Dover Castle.

We can help you too. Call us on +44 (0) 1283 224 555 for a quote, or to ask us about our sandcast lead. If you’d like to see what authentic sandcast lead looks and feels like, we’ll send you a sample. Better yet, why not arrange a visit and take a look around our sandcast lead facility? You can even see our sandcast lead being made…

Don’t forget we also offer ancillary products that enable you to make the most of your sandcast lead job: building paper, lead motifs and wooden lead tools.