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Product of the month May: Slate ripper

Slate removal made simple

When it comes to removing damaged slates from a roof, the professional tool for the job is a slate ripper. But like all tools in a roofers’ toolkit the quality of the product has a large bearing on the efficiency and ease of the job. That’s why we have sourced a top-quality slate ripper to add to our ancillaries offering.

Ripping out slate nails rather than ripping out slates is the role of the slate ripper and it is an absolute key roofing accessory, as there is no other implement or modern day tool, which can do the job as well. It is perfect for repair work when the fixing nails on damaged slates need to be removed without disturbing or breaking other slates on the roof.

Made of hardened and tempered steel it is a flexible, yet strong implement. Manufactured in Sheffield it uses the proven processes for producing a strong yet flexible tool. Also as it is hand forged it has no welds or joint components. This provides the flexibility that is so important in getting into the most confined and difficult to reach places. It also means that if bent during use it returns to its original shape and being made of hardened high-grade steel it lasts a lifetime.

Using the slate ripper is a straightforward task it is just a matter of slipping the blade under the slate so it hooks round the nail and then pulling back so it rips the nail out and allows the slate to be removed and replaced.

For more info, download our PDF or go to our ancillary product page.