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Product of the Month April: Slate cutter c/w hole punch

Slate cutting made easy

At Midland Lead, we work hard to support our merchants and want to help them boost product sales as best we can.

One way we do this is to regularly enhance our offering of ancillary products. This month sees us introduce an industry staple, the handheld professional slate cutter from tool manufacturer, EDMA.

The slate cutter gives roofing professionals two tools for the price of one. Not only is it adept at trimming slate, it also doubles as a nail punch.

As any experienced roofer will know, the shape of a roof does not always match the slates supplied for a job. As such, it is often necessary to cut slate, particularly for tight and awkward areas.

Large guillotine slate cutters can be used, but are not the best thing when working up on a roof, where space is limited. The handheld slate cutter does the same job and can be easily fitted in the roofer’s tool belt.

Our professional slate cutter makes easy work of trimming natural and man made slate up to 7mm thick. The 35mm blade is extremely accurate with the added bonus of soft grip handles to provide the user with extra comfort during prolonged periods of use.

Not only straightforward to use, the tool can also give slates a chamfered edge. This retains the slates good looks and eases fitting.

Slates comes from quarries pre-holed for easy installation. But once the slate has been trimmed, it is likely to need new holes. Slate hammers have traditionally been used to punch these holes but can cause slates to break. The slate cutter’s hole punch function is much more accurate and gentle, creating a hole of 3.2mm in diameter.

Another feature of our slate cutter is that it comes with a spare puncher and set of blades.

This dual action tool is a great asset to the roofing professional’s armoury.