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Product focus – LEAD BRICK

Midland Lead lead bricks, chevron bricks and chevron rails

The new datasheet for our lead brick product range is now available to download from our website. Lead bricks can be used for a number of shielding applications across multiple industry sectors including healthcare, veterinary, nuclear, research and non-destructive testing.

Lead bricks offer assured safety where higher levels of radiation protection are required. Within healthcare environments, it is typically used when using Positron Emission Tomography (P.E.T.), within Gamma Knife radiosurgery units or high dose radiation (HDR) and multi-modality rooms.   In these types of environment, lead-lined plasterboard does not afford sufficient protection, as the lead shielding must be in excess of 10mm.

Our lead bricks are available in a number of different dimensions from 10mm upwards as well as a variety of designs. We are also able to custom-make lead bricks according to our customers’ exact specification.

Lead bricks are typically rectangle in size with grooves which allows them to inter-lock with each other. This eliminates the possibility of leakages at corners, edges or around curves. This type of design allows for a high level of versatility and flexibility within construction, enabling walls to be built to almost any size, shape and thickness. Interlocking bricks can be used in situations where additional shielding is required in existing treatment rooms. They can also be used to construct temporary walls or containers as they are easy to stack, un-stack and relocate.

All the lead bricks that Midland Lead supplies meet BS 4513 standard for use in lead shielding and are manufactured to ISO 7212:1986 or IS0 9401-1:1991 dependent on thickness.   Our bricks are supplied in wooden crates, which should be moved using a fork life truck or hydraulic trolley. Lead is not covered by COSHH (control of substances hazardous to health), but we would recommend you wear gloves while handling lead bricks and wash your hands thoroughly when you have finished. Lead bricks can also come in heavy sizes, so please consider correct handling techniques when manually lifting.