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Our range of lead aprons for healthcare explained…

Our lead aprons provide high quality radiation protection whilst also being comfortable, durable and value for money. Available in a flexible range of styles and colours, all our protection garments are designed with Midland Lead’s eye for detail and have been carefully selected to protect professionals working in a wide range of healthcare, dentistry and veterinary environments where radiation protection is required.

Assured safety

In selecting our range of personal protection garments our first priority is to ensure personal safety across a wide range of situations where radiation protection is required. Available in 0.25 – 0.5 mmLE range, our garments meet strict quality assurance and regulatory standards so providing a guaranteed level of protection.

Garments for every situation

The garments are carefully considered against a range of common therapeutic or diagnostic environments ranging from dental OPG / CBCT, low dose fluoroscopy and small animal veterinary to CT interventional (tungsten), high dose fluoroscopy and large animal mobile veterinary.

We also work closely with Radiation Protection Advisors so can provide guidance on the level of protection required for your particular situation and supply the appropriate garments quickly and efficiently to your hospital or practice.

Comfort and style

Available in a variety of styles and sizes, our garments are high quality and designed to be comfortable incorporating fastening, shoulder padding and weight distribution features to allow them to be put on correctly and taken off easily, with the minimum of hassle.

Made to last. Guaranteed.

We only use high quality materials that can withstand the rigours of daily use. We offer a standard 1 year guarantee on all our garments.  If stored correctly lead aprons should last many years, however we would recommend that annual tests are performed to ensure the effectiveness of the lead protection over time.

Our personal protection garment range includes:

1. Tabard style aprons

Ideal for use in hospital or practice, our aprons are wipe-clean, comfortable and available with a range of styles and fastening options:

2. Side fastening options

3. Combination aprons (two piece)

Our flexible combination aprons distribute weight approximately 40:60 between the shoulder and hips. The two-piece design also provides enhanced air flow making this option well-suited for wearing for long periods.

Tops – available in three styles:

Kilt – available in 2 styles:

4. Front-only aprons

Offering reduced weight (but without back protection) these aprons are available in a range of styles and sizes:

We also offer a range of eye protection glasses and easy-to-fit thyroid collars for patient protection.

Whatever your working environment, we are here to help. Please give us a call and we can advise you on the appropriate protective garments suitable for your situation.

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