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Midland Lead’s Latest Videos

Watch the latest Midland Lead videos over on our YouTube channel

Some of our more vigilant customers may have noticed, or even watched, the Midland Lead videos we have released on to our YouTube channel over the past few months.

With the help of Matt Timby from Timby Roofing and Leeds College of Building, we have created a series of short video guides on lead repair work and how to use some of our more popular products. From replacing damaged slate to using lead sealant for the best results, there are a variety of videos available to assist those looking to use lead in their next development.

We know that part of our quality customer service to you goes beyond just supplying the resources and hope these videos act as helpful visual guides to get the most out of your lead products. It is well-known that lead is a versatile and dependable material, when installed and treated correctly it can last over a hundred years. These video clips are there for when you need a reminder or quick instruction on how to make sure you are fitting or using your products correctly first time round.

Simple tricks of the trade like applying patination oil to your lead slate or how to easily fit flexible lead slate around a soil pipe are revealed and broken down into a simple step-by-step sequence for the viewer. There are also an array of product videos available to watch, including ones on hallhooks and fixing clips to provide a little more insight into those handy tools which can save you time on your projects while still creating great outcomes.

The videos also show good practise when it comes to handling lead safely, if you would like any more information on working with lead safely please read our recent Toolbox Talk here.

To keep up to date with our latest video releases you can always subscribe to our YouTube channel here.