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Health and Safety Week 2015

Did you know that this week is Health and Safety week?

What is Health and Safety Week?

Health and Safety week is a week dedicated to supporting Health and Safety and show some occupational safety hazards. Britain has hit the lowest workplace accident number yet! It has the best combined Health and Safety records in the world, this is mostly due to the Health and Safety at Work act from 1974. Safety at work is now taken seriously by all companies and because of this working environments are now safer than ever.

Some tips from us:

All of Midland Lead’s lead products are not hazardous and working with lead will not bring harm to you. Make sure you read through some of our construction tips:

And let us know if you need any more lead safety advice. You can also download a free leaflet – INDG305 ‘Lead and You’ – from the Health and Safety Executive website:

What can you do?

Why not show your support for Health and Safety week with a #helfie?

Why not even send some of your ‘Construction idiot’ photos to us? Make sure you stay safe. If you have any funny photos send them too our Facebook page or Tweet them to us.

Why not take a look at last years ‘Idiots on Ladders‘ on the Ladder Association’s page?



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