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Product focus: Fixing clips versus flashing clips

Midland Lead fixing clips have been specifically engineered to fix lead joints into masonry joints quickly and easily

The right finishing touches can make a world of difference when it comes to working with lead and getting that professional finish. Midland Lead fixing clips and flashing clips are an integral part of achieving that high-end finish. Designed to replace traditional lead wedges, both not only add a beautiful finishing touch aesthetically, but also help ensure that the job is completed to a high standard, on time and on budget.

Midland Lead fixing clips have been specifically engineered to fix lead joints into masonry joints quickly and easily. Designed with convenience, efficiency and accuracy in mind, they’re V-shaped for easy insertion, making the job of fixing lead joints into masonry joints significantly quicker. In fact, the joint fixes the lead in place in a matter of seconds, which is 20 times faster than the traditional method of making and inserting lead wedges.


But when do you use flashing clips over fixing clips? A new introduction to our ancillaries range, flashing clips have been designed for larger joints, while fixing clips are for smaller joints.

Fixing clips will secure any flashing chase from 6-18mm, and flashing clips will secure any flashing chase from 16-22mm. With both, it’s recommended that a minimum of one clip per step or per ½ linear metre is used, or as needed depending on the particular job.

Whatever clip the job calls for, both are ready made and ready to use, saving time previously spent on cutting, rolling and shaping, and insuring uniformity and reliability; cutting out the guesswork and ensuring a perfect fit every time.

Our fixing clips are supplied in boxes of 20 bags of 20 clips (400 clips total), or boxes of 10 bags of 50 clips (500 clips), while our flashing clips are available in bags of 25.

If you’d like to find out more information or enquire about the price of our fixing clips or our brand new flashing clips, please visit or contact our sales office at +44(0)1283 224 555 or

See our infographic on fixing and flashing clips here.