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February – Product of the Month: Cleaning gel and patination oil counter display unit

In order to carry out a high quality roofing project, those purchasing lead sheet should also be purchasing cleaning gel and patination oil; two products often deemed a roofing professional’s best friend. In fact, the use, or non-use of these products can help make or break a roofing contractor’s reputation.

Patination oil, for example, is a simple, effective and vital product for protecting new and restored roofing jobs. It not only helps prevent staining on the lead work or adjacent tiles and brickwork, but also gives a nice clear shine to the finished project. If a roofing contractor has not applied patination oil after installation, they may even be asked back to the project later down the line to resolve white staining, which can be caused by water run-off.

Thankfully, Midland Lead’s cleaning gel offers a solution. An application of cleaning gel has the power to rid any unsightly stains – whether that’s light white carbonate stains, caused by lead having not been treated with patination oil or orange oxide stains, often caused by lead sheet being stored in damp conditions on the floor. It’s also capable of bringing lead back to its former glory by removing grime and dirt.

To help keep these products in the forefront of roofing professional’s minds, Midland Lead offers eye-catching display units to showcase the patination oil and cleaning gel at the point of sale. The counter display unit holds six 125ml bottles of cleaning gel and six 125ml bottles of patination oil. The two products are essential in every roofing professional’s toolkit, working hand in hand to protect and restore leadwork.

Designed by the experts, for the experts, the bottles are small in size to help them fit effortlessly into toolboxes or toolbelts. They are easy to handle when applying, which is particularly helpful for small touch up jobs (for example, chimney flashings) rather than bringing large sized bottles up to the roof for delicate jobs.

Although small, the 125ml bottles are cost-effective. A 125ml bottle of patination oil will cover approximately 6.2 square metres of lead and a 125ml bottle of cleaning gel will cover approximately 0.5 square metres of lead. Roofing professionals will on average purchase between 1-3 rolls of lead at a time and should be applying each of these with patination oil after the lead has been installed. A professional roofer, serious about their business, will have a stock of these products as standard practice.

But nobody is perfect, and when working at height even the most well-stocked and experienced of roofing professionals can drop things off a roof from time to time. To help reduce the risk of waste as much as possible, the products come fitted with anti-spill caps, which limit the amount spillage if dropped.

Midland Lead recommends that all merchants stock the cleaning gel and patination oil products to sell to roofing experts.

For more info on our ancillary range, go to our dedicated webpage.

Or download the PDF of our February Product of the Month.