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Building on Our Commitment to Sustainability

Here at Midland Lead we pride ourselves on our sustainability which runs throughout the whole company.

As a manufacturer, we know how vital it is to continue to maintain sustainable processes at every step of our operations. As the only lead manufacturer to be awarded a BRE Global Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for cast sheet lead, we are demonstrating our commitment to reducing our negative impact on the environment.

We are also proud to see that, over the years, positive changes have taken place within our industry and many of our suppliers and customers share the same values of introducing and maintaining sustainable practices.

Recently family-owned builder’s merchant Merritt & Fryers, based in Skipton, shared their assurance that they are fully invested in reducing their carbon footprint across their business, internally and through sourcing many sustainable products.

Rachel Fryers, Managing Director of Merritt & Fryers said: “For the construction and professional trades industry, ‘going green’ throws up a number of challenges – but it also creates real opportunities.

“We are seeing more customers asking about how we source our products, and often this is being driven by their own clients who are pushing them towards using more sustainable materials, so it’s important to keep ahead with emerging initiatives, changes in building standards and trends and we support our customers that are building or renovating for a greener future.

“But it’s not all about what we can supply our customers, we have worked hard to reduce waste in all our departments, ensuring it is all responsibly segregated and recycled. In the bespoke joinery workshop, as well as sending the waste shavings for use as pet bedding, we only use water-based paint products with no chemicals in the spray booth, which is not only kinder to the environment, but also yields a better finish. Across the business, we have introduced environmentally friendly carrier bags made from sugar cane rather than plastic.

“We hope to be able to inspire other firms to strive towards this too. Small changes can make a big difference, which is not only good for the planet but in turn good for business too as more and more customers become ethically-minded responsible consumers.

“Working with Midland Lead reinforces our sustainable message, and we admire the way that they are continuously reviewing their manufacture processes and use only 100% recycled lead.”

Kyle Hazeldine, Sales and Marketing Manager at Midland Lead added: “We believe that every organisation, especially within manufacturing, should be aware of the impact they have on the environment. We operate unique and energy-efficient manufacturing processes, where our lead is produced from a molten substance directly into sheet – significantly reducing the environmental impact of lead sheet production. This focus on reducing our carbon footprint is something that runs through every part of our business, from making sure our waste gets recycled (instead of disposed of), using 100% recycled lead as raw materials, and always looking into new and innovative ways to reduce our energy and electricity consumption. Unlike plastic-based weatherproofing alternatives, lead sheet is THE sustainable weatherproofing choice; it is made of recycled lead, has a long lifespan and can be recycled indefinitely.


“Midland Lead’s ongoing commitment to the environment is a great example of how a company should apply ongoing responsibilities to sustainable manufacturing. We are looking forward to sharing with you our Sustainability Strategy and joining the Net Zero Business Champions of the BMF’s ConstructZero campaign later this year.”


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