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Ancillary Card and Prices

Have you heard of our Ancillary Promotion? Until the first of December we will be running our loyalty card promotion. The promotion is very simple every time you buy ancillaries from us until the first of December you will get more points on your card. All of the points you eventually earn will be turned into money on the card of your choice. You can choose between the card and the Thomson card to put your points on to.

For all ancillary purchases to the value of £100*, you can earn between a minimum of £5 and a maximum of £20 to be added onto your card. At the end of the promotional period we will add up your ancillary purchases and confirm what amount should be uploaded onto your card. We will make sure your or Thomson card gets uploaded for the correct amount and your card gets sent to you no later than the 11th of December.

Reward list below:

Reward per £100 worth of ancillaries Minimum ancillary spend Total reward
£5 £500 £25
£10 £1000 £100
£15 £2500 £375
£20 £5000 £1000

Sign up here:

Some of our bestselling ancillaries:

Strip: Our strips come in two materials: Copper strip is ideal to cut into clips to help prevent lead flashings from lifting in high wind. Stainless steel strip is ideal to cut into clips to help prevent lead flashings from lifting in high wind.

Lead sealant: Our high-quality, lead-coloured silicone resin sealant ensures a watertight, flexible joint between lead and brickwork or masonry.

Flexible lead slate: A lead and rubber universal weathering slate can be dressed to any tile shape and the unit will accept pipes from 25mm to 150mm in diameter.

Make sure you sign up soon as you will be able to make the most of the card!

For a full list of all the ancillaries follow this link: