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Not 50 but 60 years guarantee on our lead sheet!

60 years premium cast lead guarantee

Our machine cast lead beats the LSA 50 year warranty by 10 years…

Recently, the Lead Sheet Association (LSA) has been making a splash about the 50 year rolled lead sheet guarantee of their members. But did you know that Midland Lead has had a 60-year guarantee on its machine cast lead for a number of years – provided the lead is installed correctly!

As of the 1st of January 2008, our machine cast lead BBA certificate (86/1764), specifically states – and is monitored against by a truly independent body (BBA) – Midland Lead’s machine cast lead sheet has a 60 year guarantee.

Interested to find out more about the internal and external quality measures we take to make sure our lead sheet and other related products are of the highest quality standards? Go online to our quality page.

P.S.: Did you know the LSA is NOT an independent body representing the lead sheet industry, but is solely funded by – and thus promoting – rolled lead sheet producers?