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Professional roofers set

Make easy work of slate and metal trimming

Quality lead roofing tools are one of the key elements of good lead work. With this in mind, Midland Lead is offering merchants our newly introduced professional roofers set, featuring a slate cutter with built-in hole punch and tinsnip. Sure to become a staple in every roofer’s toolkit, the two tools not only cut metal and slate to size, but into difficult corners, shapes and details.


  • Roofers can accurately trim and shape slate up to 7mm without any dust or crumbling, ensuring losses and breakage when fitting slate roofing is kept to a minimum. As an added bonus, this design also punches precise holes in slate with ease.
  • With a maximum cutting length of 75mm, the tinsnip allows roofers to shape metal sheet of various sizes, shapes and thickness such as lead, tin, copper and steal. With a serrated edge, it leaves a natural finish on the metal.

When to use

1. Slate cutter with hole punch:

  • To cut roofing slate to size
  • To punch holes in slate for nails

2. Tinsnip:

  • To cut straight or curved shapes in metal sheet

How to use

1. Slate cutter with hole punch:

  • For resizing slate: Use to cut along as you would with a pair of scissors on paper
  • For holes: Secure puncher into place and press

2. Tinsnip:

  • Cut along required shape.
  • Do not cut all the way down with each movement or you risk dimpling the metal. Cut along the whole shape then cut down completely at the end.


For more info, download our product PDF

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