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Lead tools

From mallets to dressers – the essential guide to lead tools and cutting tools

Lead is a great material to work with. But it gets even easier to work with when you’ve got the right tools for the job. But what are the right tools?

Here are our recommendations:

Bossing sticks

The bossing stick is your primary tool for working with lead. It’s designed to help you form lead sheet into any desired shape. With their perfectly contoured handles, our beech wood bossing sticks are a joy to use.

Chase wedges (63mm)

As the name suggests a chase wedge is designed for ‘chasing’ lead roofing. Or, in other words, to help you drive lead sheet into a desired shape or configuration. Just add a mallet.

Bending sticks

Used to shape and mould lead sheet, our bending sticks feature a high-lift handle for easy use.

Cutting tools

Our knives and lead snips make working with lead easier than ever. Our precision knives and snips will help you cut lead to precise configurations and leave a smooth finish.


With a long, raised handle, our lead dressers give you plenty of room to work in confined spaces. It’s a hardwearing tool too.


Our beech wood mallets offer lightweight precision and strength – the wooden head is kinder to other tools too.

Setting in sticks

Give your lead work the perfect finishing touch with our beech wood setting in sticks – they’ll help you shape your lead to perfection.

Why choose our tools?

All of our tools are specifically designed for working with lead. They are not simply general building or masonry tools that can be used with lead.

We’ve found that beech is the best wood to use. It’s a hardwood, and it’s got a great tactile quality to it – perfect for craftsmen. It’s hardwearing too, so you’ll enjoy a longer product life-span at a more competitive price.

Most importantly of all, it works brilliantly with lead. Lead is a relatively soft metal, so a hard wood tool is by far the best choice to work with it.

Choose your tools

Just add your choice of tools to your order and we’ll deliver them at the same time.

If you just need tools and you’re not ordering any lead this time, let us know.

And if you’ve got any questions – particularly if you need any help deciding which tools to use for which jobs – just give us a call on +44 (0) 1283 224 555.

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